Do not Hire a Painter Without Asking These 7 Questions

1. Do you have the right insurance?

There are at least two types of insurance required for professional painters - Insurance liability, covering your property if damaged by a painter, and must have a limit of at least a half million dollars. Workers' Compensation - protects the company's painting staff from responsibility during the project. It can be a bit expensive, so many painters avoid it.

2. Is your staff trustworthy?

Depending on the project, the painter will go to all corners of your home. This raises the security question. You need a team that can be trusted with your valuables when left alone. It is impossible to watch any painters. Insist on hiring a company that can confirm having staff with a criminal background clean.

3. Do you use employees or subcontractors?

Painting companies prefer to use subcontractors because they save money. They are exempt from employee benefits such as social security tax. Subcontractors are more likely to offer lower quality services ba…

Painting A House Exterior: 5 Tips For Perfection

When guests arrive home, the first thing they notice is outward appearance. They will see if the page is not maintained, or if the house looks like a lean. People even notice when the roof looks dirty.

The first thing most guests notice is the paint job. They see the color, and they see if it is flaky and unsightly or looks like it is handled by professionals.

This is why many homeowners use exterior paint in their homes very seriously. Follow these tips to ensure that the house looks perfect.

Hire Professional Painters
A professional exterior painter is a nuisance-free way to ensure that the house looks best. Hiring an exterior painter means homeowners can enjoy a professional look without having to lift a finger.
These people know the best colors to use, already have tools for the job, and these are full of useful tips on how to keep the paint job looking new.

Check Out Company Before Hiring
One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is hiring the cheapest company in town. While th…

How To Paint Furniture To Maintain Its Elegance

When I was chatting with my friends about home renovations, many felt that painting the furniture was a waste of money. I am opposed to that by drawing an analogy between humans and pieces of furniture. I compare the human clothes with paint applied to the furniture and I explain it in detail about the excess paint. Finally, I won the argument and got a treat.

I use this space to share some important points that help me win arguments and also help revive furniture charm. We must take cues from nature. Ozone protects us from harmful UV rays, so furniture must be protected from environmental problems. But it is clear that the painting wall and furniture are different except for a few points.

If you are planning to paint furniture, take time to read the following things.


First, the furniture should be coated with a primer. This is the bottom layer to prepare furniture for painting. This facilitates paint to stick to the surface instead of spreading. It also increases the durabili…

Bring Pride in Your Home With Fresh Coat Of Paint

Buying a home is one of the biggest and best things you will do in your life. However, with home ownership comes a lot of hassles and care. One of the best ways to give your home a new look on an affordable budget is with a fresh coat of paint. You can completely change the look of your home and help create a look that suits your personality and unique style.

Obviously, painting your house is a job you can do on your own. However, hiring a residential painting company can help you complete the project quickly and perfectly at any time. When you hire a company, they will have all the supplies and knowledge needed to complete your work. This will eliminate the many extra pressures that accompany DIY work.

When choosing a company to paint your home, you will want someone who can work with your budget. Unfortunately, quality improvement work can be very expensive. A good company will help you find solutions to overhaul your needs that will be your specific budget. They will make sure that…

Does Your Home Need Waterproofing?

As the general saying goes that prevention is better than cure, the same applies in the protection of your home as well. Water leaks and cracks in the walls are some of the most common problems today that disrupt the basic structure of your building. Not all the structures around us are safe with waterproofing techniques. It is a must that homeowners invest in the same thing for their homes. Your home is at risk of water damage without proper waterproofing system installation. A good system not only minimizes water damage but even prevents the growth of black mold. There are several factors to consider before implementing a waterproofing system in your home: Climate, Landscape, Weather, and terrain in the area.

• The various methods used for basement waterproofing walls are:
• Check your basement for signs of cracks and gaps to leak water
• If there is a crack, apply a waterproof compound to fill the gap
• These compounds are available at local equipment stores. You can even use a wat…

Choose Eco-Friendly Paint for a Healthy Home and a Beautiful Living

A newly painted house is a welcome change for any homeowner. But the problem comes when the smell is still on for more than a few days. In addition to the smell, it can also cause a burning sensation in the eyes, headaches, dizziness and various other allergic reactions. If you have a baby or a pregnant woman at home, then you should be more careful. That's because chemical paints can cause asthma, migraines, skin diseases and even cancer.

Paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to health. To avoid problems after a new painting project, choose an environmentally friendly paint that has a low VOC or zero VOC in it. There are many reasons why using them is useful, such as:

Health is wealth
Research shows that people who use chemical paints are prone to health problems. VOCs are present in the release of toxic fumes and cause problems such as lung cancer and skin cancer. In contrast, environmentally friendly paint has no harmful emissions.

Paint made naturally

Surface Protection for Countertops - Easy and Important

Choosing a table is one of the biggest decisions homeowners make when making a revamp. Countertops are very visible and leave a very big first impression. They are an integral part of aesthetic design and kitchen design language, and also one of the most widely used kitchen parts. In short, having a perfect table is an essential component of a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Besides being important to the design and function of the kitchen, new countertops can be very expensive. Granite countertops usually cost at least $ 50 / sqft, before installation costs even factor in. Quartz countertops are now a popular choice for remodels, and they are even more expensive, usually for $ 75 / sqft. With so many designs and practical financial interests on the line, protecting countertops during construction and overhauling work with surface protection is an easy decision to make.

During construction, it is common to finish the interior to get damaged and in need of repair or replacement. Counterto…